UK Short Term Study Visa


UK Short-term Study Visa is required for overseas students who would like to study in the UK between 6 to 11 months. This type of visa is suitable and required for international students including EEA students who would like to study: English language courses, Professional English language courses, Academic English Courses, General English Courses, Exam Preparation Courses, Business English Courses, Work Experience Courses, Intensive Courses, One to One Courses, Delta & Celta Courses.

Some nationalities may not require UK Short-Term Visa in order to study in the UK or for some types of courses. Please contact us for further information or check the official government website for up to date information.


Students who are 16 or older and meet all the below conditions can apply for a Short-term study visa.

  • You have been offered a place for an English language course that lasts 11 months or less (Note that this course cannot include other subjects).
  • Your offer for a course should be from an accredited institution
  • You have sufficient funds to support your study fees and other expenses without working or requiring public funds
  • You are able to pay for your return or onward travel

Students who are under 18 need to present additional documents. Feel free to contact us for more information. Note that Short-term study visa is suitable for students who want to study English language courses in the UK. If the English course you choose lasts longer than 11 months or less than 6 months, you cannot apply for this visa.

  • What Courses Can You Study

    Students are allowed to study English language courses offered by an accredited institution in the UK or a qualified overseas provider. If you're studying at an overseas higher education institution and you're required to come to the UK to study a part of your English language course, you can apply for a Short-term study visa. However, there are additional regulations regarding this matter so please contact us for more information. Also, we can provide you with a list of accredited UK institutions.

  • Necessary Documents

    • Valid travel documents such as your current passport
    • Proof of sufficient fund to support yourself during your studies
    • Your tuberculosis test results (for specific countries)

    If you’re under 18 you need to provide additional documents such as documents about your course, proof that you’re allowed to stay in the country, detailed information about your financial sponsor, etc. Note that if any of your documents are not in English or Welsh, they must be translated.

    Students who want to travel to the UK independently must present written consent from their parents or legal guardian regarding their visa application and living arrangements. If an adult will be accompanying you to the UK, they must be identified in your visa application.

    Please note that based on different circumstances, students might be required to present additional documents. Get in touch with us so we can guide you in this process.

Healthcare surcharge

You might be required to pay a healthcare surcharge, (called the ‘immigration health surcharge’ or IHS) as part of your UK Student Visa application and immigration application. Healthcare surcharge must be paid by debit or credit card.

If you are applying online, you need to pay healthcare surcharge as a part of the process. After the payment you will be required to return to the online immigration application within 30 minutes. You will be asked for course dates, start and end dates on your certificate of sponsorship if you have one.

You pay healthcare surcharge in advance, if you are applying for the visa by the post. You will need also your passport number, email address and type of the visa you are applying for.

How to apply

Submitting your application must be done online. The earliest you can apply for a Short-term study visa is three months before you arrive in the UK. Part of the online application process requires you to schedule an appointment at a visa application centre in order to present your documents and validate your identity. Note that the visa application centre may keep your passport or other documents your application process. After every step of this process is completed thoroughly, you'll usually receive a decision on your visa in three weeks. There might be a way to get a decision sooner, please contact us for further details.

If for some reason you need to cancel your application, you can. However, there are certain rules regarding your fee refund.


What you can and cannot do

You are not allowed to:

  • request for public funds
  • work in certain positions, for example as a sport coach
  • work or start your business
  • extend this visa
  • study at a public-funded institution
  • take family members (‘dependants’) with you on this visa

Please reach out to us for further information regarding this matter.


You must pay £186 for a Short-term study visa and £470 for the healthcare surcharge.

Tier4Visa statement

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Tier4Visa cannot guarantee your successful Visa application and we cannot make a Visa application on your behalf. Tier4Visa provides professional Visa guidance only to students which are applying to our UK educational partners and institutions via our sister companies UKstudy, BritishUni or BritishGuardianship.

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