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Changes to Tier 4 Visa

Tier 4 Visa route has been changed!

UK Tier 4 Visa route for overseas students has been changed to UK Student Visa route. This new UK Student Visa programme is a simplified global visa system, which applies equally to all international students including EEA European Union nationals. The latest changes will only have limited effect on students which are already studying in the United Kingdom. However, the new visa rules will apply to all new applications from January 1, 2021.

To find out all the up to date information about the new UK Student Visa route, the new visa application process and updated rules, please contact our Tier4Visa advisor team.


UK Points-based Immigration System

The purpose of the UK's points-based immigration system is to prioritise skills and talent over where a person comes from. International students who want to apply for a student visa need to score 70 points. In addition, every student must meet all the requirements in order to study in the UK. Note that Irish citizens do not require permission to come to the UK (except in specific circumstances), therefore they are not qualified to apply under the new points-based immigration system.

Also, graduate students who wish to come to the UK for work must meet specific requirements under the points-based immigration system. The required score is different based on students’ circumstances.

Keep in mind that the rules of the new points-based immigration system may be different for each type of study visa. Please contacts us for further information.

Student Visa Types

Find out important information to all types of UK Student Visa.

UK Student Visa Icon
UK Student Visa

Formerly known as Tier 4 General Visa
International & EEA Student Visa Information required to all UK University applications.

UK Graduate Visa Icon
UK Graduate Visa

New Graduate visa will open in summer 2021
If you complete university in the UK, you can apply for Graduate visa to stay and work in the UK.

UK Child Student Icon
UK Child Student Visa

Formerly known as Tier 4 Child Visa
Child Visa Information required to under 18 overseas students who want to study in the UK.

UK Standard Visa Icon
UK Standard Visa

Standard Visa
If you are planning to take a short course up to 6 months, you can study in UK with UK Standard Visa.

UK Short-Term Visa Icon
UK Short-Term Study Visa

Formerly known as Tier 4 Short Term Visa
All UK courses between the lenght of 6 to 11 months will require UK Short Term Visa.

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Are you an international or EEA student and would you like to study in the United Kingdom? You are now required to apply for UK Student Visa and meet new government requirements. With Tier4Visa you can easily find information about UK Study Visa types, application process and requirements.

Our aim is to help international students to make the right decision, with quality student visa advice and service we can offer. Do not hesitate and contact our educational experts today and we can guide you through the visa process. Our educational advisors can also help you with UK University applications, English Language School applications and Boarding School Application with required Guardianship Service support.


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