Tier-4 Student Visa faq

Frequently Asked Questions About Studying in The UK

We have tried to answer fully the frequently asked questions of most UK university applicants. This section is categorized according to various requirements (the required level of language proficiency for various courses, prerequisites and qualifications, costs and conditions of student work and accommodation and residence in the UK). We suggest you to read all the questions. Additionally, you have to consider that the terms and conditions of UK student visa are changing every day.

Our Promise

With over 20 years’ experience our team of dedicated educational consultants will provide the up-to-date requirements and guide you throughout the VISA process. We aim to actively promote British education all around the globe.

Our Services

Each year over 20.000 students have benefited from the services of StudyFirst Group. Students are awarded places at language schools, colleges and universities in the UK with extensive VISA support and guardianship services


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